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Hi Nia
Well!  Its just awesome!  
I have tried so many other hair 'mascaras' and they just dont cut the mustard! ha ha
Forever being told by the hairdresser that I have VERY RESISTANT GREYS! around the hairline, even after a week they are showing their silver lining!
But, Signature Glamour DOES WHAT IT SAYS - it covers completely, so easy to use, and stays put until I shampoo out - no fading as the day wears on.' Sable' is a perfect colour for me ... the big test will be in our wonderful Cairns FNQ summer, humidity plus! ... but with what I have seen, I think its going to be just fantastic.
I saw your article in Vogue Mag - so glad I did!  Thanks again for a wonderful product, and another order coming soon 'as a spare'.

Hi Nia
Many thanks for the Signature Glamour Hair & Brow Tint, it is brilliant!!  I used it for the first time today.  
I can't believe how much this will help me, what an amazing product!
For years and even when I was travelling, I would tint my grey hair line myself, often making it darker
than it should.  So much time wasted.
Thank you so much again.
All the best