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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does SG Hair & Brow Tint [Cover Grey] last?

A. It lasts until your next hair wash.

Q. Will I need to apply it every day?

A. You will only need to apply it if you wash your hair every day.

Q. When applied to hair will SG Hair & Brow Tint [Cover Grey] run onto my skin?

A. It does not run if swimming, jogging or active in a gym session.

Q. How long does the product take before it dries?
A. It dries within a minute (you can blast with hairdryer for quicker drying method) and once dried you can brush hair along the root area to separate if necessary.

Q. How long does it take to colour grey or blonde hair?
A. Instant coverage gives quick coverage of roots and greys between colourings.

Q. How good is the coverage?
A. Gives 100% grey coverage.

Q. Will it maintain my hair colour?
A. Maintains your colour in between salon or at-home permanent colour treatments.

Q. Is SG Hair & Brow Tint [Cover Grey] shimmery in colour?
A. No, SG Hair & Brow Tint [Cover Grey] has four true to life colours to match your hair type with no shimmer.

Q. SG Hair & Brow Tint [Cover Grey] can it be seen in hair once applied?
A. No, you cannot see it in hair as it is very natural and blends perfectly and instantly.

Q. Do you have a Black SG Hair & Brow Tint?
A. SG Hair & Brow Tint [Cover Grey] in Sable works effectively when applied to black hair, the colour will be slightly translucent with great grey hair coverage.

Q. Can men use SG Hair & Brow Tint [Cover Grey]?
A. Is ideal for men's hair & facial hair.

Q. Is SG Hair & Brow Tint [Cover Grey] ideal for travelling?
A. It is ideal for women who are travelling and need that Instant touch–up.

Q. What size is SG Hair & Brow Tint [Cover Grey]?
A. It is as little as a lipstick, handy enough to go in your makeup bag.

Q. Can I prolong going to the hair salon?
A. Yes, you can prolong your hair appointment using SG Hair & Brow Tint [Cover Grey].

Q. How long does it last once opened?
A. It has a use by date of 12 months after opening.

Q. How long will it last me once I start using it?
A. It will last up to 6 months when used between salon visits.