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About Nia

Signature Glamour’s founder Nia Cirocco is a woman who has turned her passion for beauty into the pursuit of excellence in premium quality products that are effective and safe to use.

A childhood of dress-ups and experimenting with makeup propelled Nia into study of art, fashion & makeup. Nia has now been in Business management, fashion and beauty industry for 20 years, working as a Clothing Stylist and Makeup Artist. Nia sees fashion and beauty as art; particularly makeup, where every face is a canvas, an opportunity to work with colour and light to achieve the perfect result for clients on a individual level, accentuating their best features and making them feel special.

A love of fine beauty products and the recognition of a product niche saw Nia release Hair & Brow Tint 2 in 1 Hair and Brow gel as her first Signature Glamour beauty line.

Today Nia continues her work as a Stylist and Makeup Artist whilst researching, developing and releasing a growing line of prestige Signature Glamour products.

Nia Cirocco